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Sizing Up The Competition

Sizing Up The Competition

For Firedove Technology to be successful, we need to understand our competition. We provide four distinct services and we wanted to examine our competitive position in respect to web design. Since our brand  is still developing, we often need to fight and compete for new business by responding to requests for bids. We use a multiple tools to find opportunities to bid on, and one of them is Craigslist.

We wanted to know who we were bidding against, so we created (and have since removed) an ad calling for the following:

  • A website for a new business that shows our business, has a contact form, and lots of pictures.
  • Estimated total of 5-10 pages.
  • A cost estimate.

We received 18 responses in 23 hours.

Firedove Inbox, Mail Counter, Animation, Gif

This is what happened to our inbox after posting the ad. This is also the first animation we’ve made!

Firedove Technology would bid this type of project between $250 – $500. On average we charge about $50 per page.

55.5% of the 18 responses came in five hours after we initial posted the ad. We knew that there were a lot of web designers in Spokane, but we didn’t think that there would be 18 different bids that quickly.

Map of Spokane Web Designers, Google Maps

Well, there are a lot of web designers in Spokane. Maybe 18 responses makes sense.

Turns out, despite this being a local Craigslist ad, we were getting bids from people all around the country and even Canada.

  • 2 stated they were from Spokane WA
  • 1 was from New Jersey.
  • 1 was from Illinois after doing some research.
  • 3 were from California.
  • 2 were from Florida.
  • 1 was from British Columbia.
  • 1 was from Ontario.
  • 1 was from Toronto
  • 6 gave no indication as to where they were from.

Okay. So how did these 18 fare in responding to the ad itself? Only 7 provided bids. 2 respondents provided an hourly rate with no bid for how much time they suspected it’d take to complete the website. If we are being generous here let’s say that only 50% of the respondents actually read the ad and responded with the cost. Yikes.  For those that did response with the cost, it ranged between $175 – $650.

responses, hours,

The rate of responses from the ad.

A few of the company websites, portfolios, and examples that were sent over genuinely good quality. Unfortunately, the vast majority were either broken, extremely outdated, or just poorly designed.

The quality of the actual email response also varied tremendously.  Here are some of the worst offenders.

“Hey there i will built you a awsome web site for hundred bucks a page check out my portfolio at”

“Hiya, there are many CMS’s out there”

“I can build a custom WordPress website with custom traffic pulling plugins your going to love your logo included and 15 pages I will through in 3 bonus e-books on how to get free traffic to your site, Also as an added bonus if you get back to me in the next 5hours to give you time to think about it I will through in 100 custom keyword rich unique spun articles to use to add even more traffic to your site and I will show you how to apply for google AdSense  for added income for you. I can take all payments through PayPal. Contact me so I can get started rite away.”

To be fair, the two individuals from Spokane had the best written emails out of the entire group.

What does this mean for us?

This experiment validates that our pricing is in line with others who are competing for the same work and that our presentation is much better than our competition.

Are you curious as to how we respond to a request for a website? Contact us today to experience our service yourself. Or you can post on Craigslist, we might just respond.