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Truly Fair Pricing

Truly Fair Pricing

We use Bonsai for our invoicing. It’s a really neat system that integrates nicely with Stripe, and it makes managing invoices a breeze. Bonsai has made some of its data regarding freelancer’s rates public, and we have used that data to help inform us as to where our prices should be.

Web / Mobile Industry Average Rates

Industry Average Rates of Web / Mobile Designers on the West Coast with 3-5 years of experience.

This graph suggests that the industry average for web designers at similar levels of experience to us, end up charging folks between $60-80 per hour on average. Robbi has 6 years of experience, yet our hourly rate of $35 is 56.25% less than the industry average. We aren’t skimping on quality by any stretch of the imagination, rather we are providing our services at a price that we believe is fair.

Graphic Design Industry Average Rates

Industry Average Rates of Graphic Designers on the West Coast with 5-10 years of experience.

With respect to graphic design, Robbi has 8 years of experience, and while the average range of prices skews towards the lower end of the chart, the average is between $40-60 per hour. Our rate represents a 41.66% price difference over the industry average. Graphic design tends to be less expensive than website development because designing a static image is inherently less technical than building a website. Additionally, there are more graphic designers out there than web developers.

We are not looking to be cost leaders in our industry. We need to get paid, just as every other professional, and we are not advertising “cheap websites.” We are advertising websites at a fair price.

As we continue to try to buck the industry and bring the outrageous rates to a reasonable level, we welcome you to bring your next graphic design or website development project to us to help keep your piggy bank happy. ??