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New Year, New Rate

As of January 9th, 2017 we are increasing our hourly rate to $50 per hour. As we’ve spoken about this before, this increase is due to certain revenue milestones being achieved. The thought is that the more accounts we service and corresponding revenue generated, the greater our value (in other words, the demand for Firedove continues to increase and our pricing reflects that.).

We are still substantially more affordable than a traditional advertising agency (some having rates starting at $150 per hour) and we still take tremendous pride in being able to provide excellent value to our clients.

As a reference point, below are category averages for some of the type of work we take on.

Technical Support (Hardware, Software, etc.): $106.27

Graphic Design (Logos, Advertisements, Print, Web): $128

Website (Design & Development): $524

It is worth noting that each project is unique and with that the price can vary greatly. We’ve built incredibly affordable websites for small businesses and we’ve also created very complicated and intricate website that ended up costing significantly more than the average.

The overall quality and value of our service increases with each rate increase as we are able to invest in more equipment, software, and anything else that helps make our office smarter and faster. The faster we work, the more you save. The smarter we work, the better the end product.