Audio Engineering (Welcome Kevin!)

Audio Engineering (Welcome Kevin!)

Today we are happy to announce that Kevin Partridge has officially joined the Firedove flock! Kevin brings his audio engineering expertise to Firedove. He was able to put together a quick 30 second spot about Firedove to demonstrate his capabilities. Kevin also did the voice-over for the spot. Take a listen below!

Firedove can now offer even higher quality audio production, creation, and editing for our clients than we could have before. This combined with our strong marketing and analytics background allows us to help our clients with audio advertisement creation, targeting, production, media buys, and analytics.

Welcome to the team Kevin!


We believe that technology is like a foreign language. No one should be shamed or cheated out of their money for not speaking that language themselves. We are here to translate, facilitate, and help provide the best value to the customers. We have a creative eye, a strong marketing sense, and the willingness to work with a client's budget to make any job amazing.