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BBB Accredited Business

Firedove is now a BBB Accredited Business! We decided to pursue accreditation because there are a lot of bad actors in this industry, and the BBB is well recognized as an authority on business trustworthiness by both people and businesses. Firedove is already trusted in Spokane, which was made possible by our initial clients who originally took a chance on us. We’ve received 16 glowing consecutive written reviews to date, lots of verbal praise, and a steady stream of referrals from former clients.

We could be charging exorbitant rates for poorly built websites, but we started Firedove to be a direct challenge to an industry where we saw people getting taken advantage of merely because they weren’t experts themselves. Our BBB Accreditation is us reaffirming that original commitment to be different and be better than our competitors.

Truly fair pricing. High quality end products. That’s Firedove.




We believe that technology is like a foreign language. No one should be shamed or cheated out of their money for not speaking that language themselves. We are here to translate, facilitate, and help provide the best value to the customers. We have a creative eye, a strong marketing sense, and the willingness to work with a client's budget to make any job amazing.