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Technical Support

Technical Support

We are proficient in fixing computers, laptops, smartphones, and every device in between. We’ve got a knack for fixing Apple devices, but we can also work with PCs, Android devices, malfunctioning smart-devices, and more.

Oh snap! You’ve just lost an important file! Or maybe your computer won’t connect to the internet. Perhaps a beverage was accidentally spilled on your laptop, and now it won’t turn on.

From catastrophic hardware failures to hunting down a lost password, Firedove can help customers retrieve data and revive their machines.

You shouldn’t ever feel embarrassed asking for technical support. Truth is, most people who can fix computers know how to do it because their own machines succumbed to similar issues.

Viruses and malicious software are getting more and more sophisticated and can trick just about anyone into infecting their computers or smartphones.

If you’ve got a hardware or software glitch with your computer, tablet, or smartphone, contact us and see how we can help.

Our hourly rate is $50 per hour. The first hour is paid for in full and then every quarter hour is billed.

Example Costs:

30 Mintes: $50

60 Minutes: $100

1.25 Hours: $62.50

2.5 Hours: $125

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Data Analysis and Collection

Data Analysis and Collection

Data is everywhere. Technology is embedded into every corner of a business making it easier than ever to collect valuable customer and company data. Firedove can help take data and turn it into meaningful insights.

Data is everywhere. Technology is embedded into every corner of a business making it easier than ever to collect valuable customer and company data. Collecting this data and converting it into meaningful metrics can be a challenge. Firedove can help take data and turn it into meaningful insights.

Data collection should be as automated as possible and should be easy to reference to in order to best understand what is making your business successful.

Want to determine the foot traffic inside your business using infrared sensors? Done. How about evaluating the effect of weather of your company? Easy! What if you could quantify where your referrals are coming from and identity which market to expand into? Firedove can help.

Together we can turn your instinct into insight, and assumptions into metrics. Big data can now be in the power of small businesses, and Firedove can implement solutions to collect that data and visualize it to keep you and your company on top.

With a project like this, we would need to sit down first and discuss what you are looking to have accomplished before we could provide an accurate quote. With bigger projects we usually do a fixed-fee rate. This means that no matter how many hours it takes us to complete the project, you pay one flat price.

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Website Design and Development

Website Design and Development

We've built websites with CMS and coded others from scratch. We apply our design abilities (Vector and Bitmap) and our coding abilities (PHP, CSS, HTML, & Ruby) to make your website beautiful and functional. We build websites quickly that are designed to last.

A website is no longer optional for any business. Whether it allows your customers or clients to locate your business, contact you, or to learn more about your company, you need something online that enables people to find you.

Web development should also be reasonably priced. Typically, we try to price our services at about $69 per page, and for every $139 spent we add in an additional hour of support to make sure your website is functioning exactly how you want it to.

We can design a custom website for you or use an existing website creation tool like WordPress or Drupal. We create websites that can be easily modified by the clients, but still have an agency level quality to them.

Implementing e-commerce support, contact forms, geolocating, and other features is something Firedove can absolutely assist with.

We wil not talk you into unnecessary features and we will not use industry language to try to make us seem more expensive then we are really worth.

If your project is too big for us, we will happily refer you to another firm in town that may be better suited for your project.

We want to be the small business solution for customers in Spokane, Washington! Feel free to reach out for a free consult and see if Firedove fits your needs.