Increase in Rate

Increase in Rate

Today we are announcing an increase in our hourly rate. The new rate is $75 an hour.

We are doing this to accommodate for a significant increase in demand for our agency and our projections as to how that demand will continue to increase.  We’ve tracked every hour of everyday for the past seventeen months and our model suggests a period of unparalleled growth for our firm in the coming months.

To date, we’ve served 100 clients. Our agency continues to grow and we still put value and fairness above all else in our pricing. We’ve been in business for 17 months and we have become ultra-efficient with our time and extremely proficient in our abilities. We look forward to continuing to work with people from all different walks of life, industries, and sectors.


We believe that technology is like a foreign language. No one should be shamed or cheated out of their money for not speaking that language themselves. We are here to translate, facilitate, and help provide the best value to the customers. We have a creative eye, a strong marketing sense, and the willingness to work with a client's budget to make any job amazing.