Introducing Firedove Incubator

Introducing Firedove Incubator

Today we are happy to announce the start of Firedove Incubator. Firedove Incubator is a division of Firedove Technology where we develop products in-house. As we’ve mentioned before, our team is full of individuals that have built numerous consumer electronic products. It should be no surprise that we are continuing to develop products, and starting today we will house those efforts within Firedove Incubator.

Why are we doing this?

A few reasons.

a.) It allows Firedove Technology to subsidize the development costs of a new product instead of having the inventors pay out of pocket for parts, tools, and the other necessary items to develop a new product.

b.) It consolidates our intellectual property into one entity. This makes it easier for us to maintain and license our IP.

c.) It takes a long time to build a product, and even longer to bring the product to market. Firedove Incubator allows us to still draw enough of an income from Firedove Technology so we can still feed ourselves while we are prototyping, designing, and assembling the products.

What will be your first product?

We are building a consumer electronic product to be made in Spokane, Washington. We hope to sell it for anywhere between $125-$200. We will periodically share more details as our development continues, but we think that anyone who shares our similar ethos in respect to design, technology, and data, will appreciate our first product.

Can I join?

We’d certainly be open to having individuals join the efforts of Firedove Incubator. Give us a call or email if you want to get in on this exciting new endeavor.


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