The Original Co-Founder

The Original Co-Founder

“Why don’t we start an IT based firm in Spokane?”

Over the past six years Robbi and I have been piecing together wonderful ideas and businesses together, and we always had hope that some of these wild ideas would make us billionaires.

  • An equity-based crowd funding website (before the JOBS Act)
  • A tablet-optimized projector
  • A mirror with a computer built into it

And maybe they still will, but we always knew, with our past experience and knowledge we could always do IT in Spokane, as Spokane has everlasting ability to resist change. Well, the dream-team has officially reunited.

I’ve been friends with Robbi for over twelve years. Six years ago we both began our intellectual and business roots over on the west side of the state. I in Seattle and Robbi in Olympia. In these six years we found that we loved the idea of creating new businesses and ideas, hated working under people, but loved working for people.

I’ve done corporate IT before. I worked as a tech guy at an extremely corporate retail firm, and in my time there I learned that tech – in the large corporate world – has been bleached. In other words they’ve tried to make solutions that have a wonderful complex palate of colors into something that’s black and white. The reason technology is so wonderful is because each customer experience should be different, and tech has the ability to be customized on a person to person basis.

One thing I’d love to bring to the Firedove team is to bring more equipment-based thought to our team. I’d love to be responsible for completely setting up a new business: routers, computers, and servers… the works.

I also hope to bring a different train of thought to our customer service experience so that we can hopefully grow the Firedove team throughout the inland empire, maybe even to all of Washington.

I’m the original co-founder. Let’s do tech right.