Original High Quality Firedove Services

Budget friendly, high quality solutions.

Starting at $100 per hour.

Firedove has previously solicited advertising agency quality work at a freelancer’s price. As we grow, we still want to offer high quality, budget friendly solutions. What we can offer is affordable rates, starting at $100 per hour, with specific parameters to ensure that our time is well utilized.

This is the perfect solution for new businesses, those on a budget, or those with small projects.

In the case of a website, we can build you a website at a rate of $200 per page. This will come with a limit on hours, communication, and revisions so we can focus on making great work, and not sitting in our inbox sending emails. With graphic design, we will have a set limit of revisions and edits (typically 3 per each design, starting at $200 per design). With a technical repairs, we can offer simple diagnostics and perform the repair in seven business days. For mobile app development, we can create a working MVP starting at $2,000.

Every project is different and we are happy to offer a free consult. The final price may be less than you expect with this service.

This type of working relationship will require strong communication and clear expectations. If you have very particular needs, we might recommend our premium services where your edits are unlimited and solution can be fully customized. But if you want to make something amazing without breaking the bank, you’ve come to the right spot.

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